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Fearless (Taylor Swift) Review

City of Black and White.

City of Black and White - Mat Kearney :

City of Black & White :)Collapse )

Ignoring the 17 messages, it's time for a post. I'm pretty big about recommending things that I really like to people, usually in an lj. I know when not to keep a gem a secret. In particular, I am talking about Jodi Picoult's "My Sister's Keeper". Now, you may have seen the dramatic movie trailer featuring Dakota Fanning. I cannot comment about the movie, as I have not seen it yet. I've only heard one person say it was amazing and worth seeing so far. The other people who have mentioned it have were meh about it. HOWEVER that is not what what this post is about. This post is about the book.

I was going to post two excerpts from the book and not really explain my postings (where they came from, why, etc.). But I decided I am going to use a bit of the space before this to discuss, and just cut the excerpts into two lj-cuts. I figure this'll save space on your Friends Page for more pressing issues and keep my journal tidy as well. Plus, you might even find out why I chose these two pages. We'll see. Until then, enjoy:

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Read the book, it is the best book (not in a series) I've ever read. Ever. No joke :)

Now I have to see the movie.

Writer's Block: All-Nighter

When was the last time you stayed up all night? What were you doing?

Well, its pretty much a nightly thing with me. Considering it is, 4:06 AM right now...you wanna ask me what I'm doing? That's right, reading lj entries and replying to Writer's Blocks. I stay up all night for a few different reasons:

Partly because I'm not tired, at this time. Though if I actually got tired, I'm not sure I'd go to sleep even then (I'll explain that later).

Partly, I stay up because I can't fall asleep. I've tried laying down...and focusing on sleeping before, and uh nothing happens...I roll around, think a lot. I'm generally tired when I try to sleep, but nothing happens. It's more frustrating than it is anything else. It's frustrating because my mind works and over analyzes things to an extreme during my moments of times I can't fall asleep. It's also frustrating because like I said, I'm tired and still can't sleep.

Partly I stay up because I sleep better if someone texts me until I fall asleep or better yet, lays next to me. So, being alone every night (except for the occasional sleepover)...yeah, I don't sleep so well.

Partly though, I'm the type who likes staying up all night and actually I don't mind so much the tiredness the next day. I tend to be more creative and focused at night. I write the best papers, draw the best things, get the best ideas, get motivated to finish a crafty project...all at night. In the daytime though, you'd think I was pretty awful at all that junk especially being able to be creative and think outside the box. You see, my dad and mom used to keep us kids out late at night (into the early morning hours) when we were little. My brothers would pass out on their friend's couch, and my parents would wake them up when we drove home at 2 AM or something. Me though, I've always always stayed awake. If they didn't put me to bed, I didn't sleep. I'm the type who doesn't wanna sleep for fear of missing something important in life. Too hyper, too awake to pass out, ya know? Maybe I'm just a bit on the strange side.

[All these could be reasons, then again...well...my mom says she thinks I have a sleeping disorder and need pills...so..yeah.]

As for what I'm doing when I stay awake all night, well...I could be sewing, crocheting, drawing, coloring, watching tv (though rarely), always listening to music, talking to friends who are still awake, playing on my DSi, surfing the interwebz, or just plain staring at the wall, thinking.

Writer's Block: Music for Thought

When you have to study or get work done, what music (if any) do you put on to help you concentrate?

It honestly depends on what I'm trying to concentrate on and whatnot.

If I'm trying to write a paper or something, I write better with no music, in a quiet place. But if it's math, I tend to concentrate more if I have loud music on. I usually put on Fall Out Boy or Kanye and just concentrate. If I'm cleaning, I like country music or Top 40 type hits. If I'm cooking, I also prefer country music. But if I'm driving, I like Christian (Z88.3). [I've found this out from the few times I've actually driven]. If I'm just riding in the car (not driving), I like 105.1 mix station. If I'm exercising, I like fast music. If I'm trying to sleep, Motion City Soundtrack definitely. If I'm walking to class, Kanye or whatever I have stuck in my head. I have music for just about any time in my life. If I'm emo, my Fueled by Ramen label and Motion City Soundtrack brings me back to my usual self, usually. If not, Boys Like Girls definitely do the trick ;) So, like I was saying...it really all depends on what I'm trying to concentrate on at the time. 

Live High


 I may be the biggest dork in dorkville over here..but I can't sleep..I'm too excited. Wanna know what about?

So, it shouldn't be a surprise to find out that I love Ratatouille and Up (both fantastic Disney/Pixar films). I knew Michael Giacchino composed the Ratatouille soundtrack, but when I went to see Up I thought "this music sounds like the Ratatouille music!" almost immediately. So, I got home that night and checked it out, sure enough Michael Giacchino also did the soundtrack for Up as well. I was searching for the Up soundtrack online, but found out that it's only being released on digital download and not physical CD (and that's a bummer, I was really looking forward to buying it). So, iTunes has it listed as $9.99 and I'm giving serious thought to buying it.

Anyway, I clicked on Michael Giacchino at the top to view all of his works and I found out that he also composed the music for the new Star Trek movie. I was so shocked at first. But thinking back over the movie and the music, I can see the similarities and there's no reason I should've missed it when I watched the film. I don't know how I possibly looked over Michael Giacchino's flair and happy/sad music theme he always does. But I did. Oh well, I'm just super excited cause I think tomorrow I might buy the Up and Ratatouille soundtracks. I'm like bouncing up and down right now. I loooooooooove Michael Giacchino! <33333333 Omg, I am like spazzing out about buying those soundtracks...so now I can't sleep. I should probably figure out a way to sleep. BUT, OMG!